Jimmy C. Jules, the oldest of two children, was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In the late 80s, his family migrated to the United States in search of a better life. Unfortunately, they were unable to obtain a visa for young Jimmy C. and had to leave him behind. He lived with his grandmother for less than a year until President Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier was overthrown, causing chaos in the country. His parents worked tirelessly to bring their son to the U.S., and once reunited, they settled in Medford, MA, where Jimmy C. and his younger brother were raised.

Growing up, Jimmy C. found himself navigating two languages and cultures, often feeling like an outsider in both. He sought solace in television shows such as Sesame Street, Zoobilee Zoo, and Reading Rainbow, which helped him adapt quickly to the changes in his young life. By the beginning of seventh grade, Jimmy C. not only became fluent in English but also developed a deep fondness for TV and the world of entertainment. At the age of 13, Jimmy C. picked up a hand-held camcorder and began collaborating with his friends on various short horror film projects. His passion for generating ideas and creating content as a means of self-expression led him to fall in love with the entertainment industry. Harnessing this passion, he launched his own family wedding and events filming business.

In his late twenties, Jimmy C.‘s focus shifted towards the music side of entertainment. On On Feb 25th 2006, he organized the first-ever New England Idol competition, held at the Chevalier Theatre in Medford, Massachusetts. The event brought together sponsors, talented participants from across the region, and gained significant attention for his brand, surpassing projected revenue goals. This success allowed him to build and open JewelsE Inc., Recording Studio, in Medford Square.

While Jimmy C.‘s career initially began as a videographer, DJ, and record producer, he evolved into a Full-Fledged Entrepreneur with unique ideas for branding, marketing, and promotion. To merge his love for music and video, he created the groundbreaking YouTube reality TV series “THE STUDIO”. The series, launched on March 12, 2007, showcased daily life in his office and recording studio, including staff, clients, and marketing tactics.

Despite his accomplishments, Jimmy C. made a difficult decision in January 2010 to close down JewelsE Inc. and leave the music industry behind. He shifted his focus to developing his acting skills and pursued classes and training at the Media Performance Institute. As Jimmy C. delved deeper into his craft, his thirst for knowledge and training grew. He studied various elements of script analysis, including scene assignments, read-throughs, intro scoring, initial blocking, staging exploration, conflict and action, as well as intensive character work and scene exploration.

Driven by a desire for continuous improvement, Jimmy C. sought additional training with CP Casting & Acting Studios to enhance his audition performance skills. He honed his approach to auditions, developed a deeper understanding of different genres, and engaged in collaborative class discussions on TV pilots, sitcoms, dramas, TV movies, and feature film roles. He learned how to showcase his best acting abilities in auditions to leave a lasting impression on those watching.

In 2019, Jimmy C. had the opportunity to work as a stand-in and photo double for two months on Rian Johnson’s ‘Knives Out’ movie. He embraced this opportunity to collaborate with the director and learn from the talented cast, which included Daniel Craig, LaKeith Stanfield, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, Katherine Langford, Jaeden Martell, and more.

Since then, Jimmy C. has secured lead roles in notable projects like “Bad Voodoo,” showcasing his exceptional talent and dedication. He has also portrayed supporting characters in acclaimed short films and indie projects, including “Presence” and “About Amelia.” Jimmy C.‘s versatility extends to commercials and his standout performances as T’challa, Black Panther, Morpheus, and more on a parody news network as a Recurring Guest Star, highlighting his improvisational skills.

Acting has become an integral part of his life, propelling his relentless pursuit of growth. Jimmy C. diligently trains under esteemed professionals like Anthony Robert Grasso of ARG Studios, James DuMont of DuMont Entertainment Group, Amy Lyndon, and others. This training focuses on refining his film self-tape techniques and honing his TV audition skills for series regular, guest star, and co-star roles, demonstrating his commitment to excellence.

With a strong determination, Jimmy C. has set out to become one of the hardest-working Haitian-American actors in the industry, aiming to establish himself as the one and only “Jimmy C. Jules of Film, TV, and entertainment in the world.”


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