Jimmy C. Jules in Downton Abbey presented by Parody News Network (PNN)


IN THIS CLIP: Jimmy C. Jules Guest Stars as King George in this Weeks Downton Abbey Episode, only on PNN (CLICK HERE TO WATCH IN FULL).

This is PNN’s fourth series deserves an epic finale, and boy does it ever get one! In this episode of This Is PNN on the Parody News Network (PNN), the entire cast gathers for one massive shot at Downton Abbey!

Will Lord Grantham ever be able to deliver his report with the constant interruptions from Lady Mary, Lady Edith, Lady Sybil, Cora, Lady Violet, Lady Isobel, Lady Rose, Mr. Carson, Mr. Bates, Tom Branson, and everyone else? PNN finds the answers!

Will Miss O’Brien, Mrs. Hughes, Daisy, and Molesley be able to offer enough help for the royal visit? The Parody News Network is on the case!

And what on earth will King George and Queen Mary make of all the coming and goings at Downton? Tune in to PNN for answers!

The Parody News Network (PNN) brings you all the coverage you’ll need to stay informed as this story unfolds!

Starring Stephen Lomer, Anna Dainton, Christa Terry, Danielle Hafey, Earl Fechter, Jennifer Fay, Jim LaVeck, Jimmy Jules, Taylor Valley, Kate Eppers, Kim Fogelgren, Kerri Jackman, KJ Traynor, Lisa Lam, Liz Bishop, Maddy Shmalo, Marvin Novogrodski, Mimi Walsh, Tim Baird, and Tony Spencer. .

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