Farewell to She-Hulk – A Tribute to My Travel Companion


Embarking on a wild journey filled with memories, adventures, and a trusted companion – this is the story of my beloved “She-Hulk.” As an actor, entrepreneur, and business owner, she was more than just a mode of transport; she was the constant presence that got me through auditions, callbacks, filmings, and beyond.

From the bustling streets of New York to the serene landscapes of Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine, we traversed the country together. A few years back, we even ventured down to Atlanta, marking yet another chapter in our shared experiences.

In the world of auditions, callbacks, and business meetings, reliability is key. She Hulk was more than up to the task, always getting me to auditions, callbacks, filmings, on-set moments, meetings, lunches, and various locations – and, crucially, always on time.

Tragically, our journey was cut short last year due to a reckless driver. On January 27th, 2023, I had to bid farewell to my reliable travel companion. Rest in peace, She-Hulk.

For those who’ve followed this journey, a video montage now graces my Instagram page. Filled with video clips and photos, it encapsulates our adventures – auditions, callbacks, filmings, on-set moments, meetings, lunches, pit stops, wardrobe sessions, Airbnb stays, travel stops, and more, state to state.

As the background audio track plays in this tribute, it’s a fitting moment to express my gratitude for the support and engagement from my followers.

Wishing everyone a happy Monday and hoping the new year has treated you well so far. For the full video and caption, head over to my Instagram page – the journey doesn’t end here, and your continued support means everything. Safe travels on your own adventures!

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