A First Look at Jimmy C. Jules as Hoogans in Bad Voodoo


Over the weekends we got our very first look at Jimmy C. Jules as Hoogans in Bad Voodoo . The Horror film Director Andre Hepburn, shared the images on his instagram page with a caption that gives a little bit of information about casting Jimmy C. and more (See IG Post).

A Hoogans is a male priest who serves as a leader of rituals and ceremonies in the Haitian culture or religion known as Vodou. It is believed that oogans obtain their positions through dreamlike encounters with a lwa (spirit). A woman of the same position is referred to as a manbo.

Bad Voodoo is a Horror film, that tells the story of four escaped convicts who break into a house and hold the homeowner hostage with nowhere to run. Exactly what part Jimmy C. Jules, Hoogans character will play in this film is not yet known.

Bad Voodoo stars: John Fiore (best known for his work as Gigi Cestone on HBO’s Sopranos, Det Profacci on Law and Order, Alphonse Nozzoli on Showtime’s Brotherhood and Vinnie Salerno on Guiding Light), Manny Perez (winner of an Alma Award in 2008, for his performance in the film Bella, known for his work in Homeland), Jimmy C. JulesCristina MoodyScott SederquistAlex PiresJustin GennaAnnaliese CurryAllison KlinmanAngie LubinJustin LombardAllison Klinman and more…

To stay updated on Bad Voodoo or for updated photos, release date and more, check out the Imdb page: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt15716368

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