JFV Edited Most Viral Instagram Posts


Our new production company, Jules Family Vision LLC. has been hard at work behind the scenes. Making edits to videos, contents and more to help our founder Jimmy C. Jules, grow his social media presence and drive followers and eyeballs to our brand. 


Watch all the videos so far in one place.

JFV has proven how minor changes to a video from, the sounds, music, effects, caption, tags etc.. can take a video from having Just a hundred views to Millions of views and hundreds of thousands of shares.

Have a look at some more JFV edited videos they put together for Jimmy C. below have gone from a few thousand views to gaining Millions of Views and likes.

Some videos were cut short, to keep the audience engaged, captions added, music and so on. The extra part gets edited and made into a part two and so on.

Keep in mind… The current order of videos might change because some may end up receiving more views since the day of posting this information on here. Enjoy some of these not so viral but fun videos.

How About a Few Jimmy C. Jules Skits, Parody, Auditions and So On?

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