It was my Sunday relax time, I didn’t watch the show and was’t planning on watching. But then my phone started blowing up, notification after notifications were coming in. When i took a look it was all about how Will just walked up to Chris and rocked the tastebuds out of his mouth.

So I went and to google and took a look for myself.  After viewing it a few time I have to say. Wow! 

There is really no wrong way of looking at this or interpreting the situation.

It could be stage, only because of priors posts from both parties on what they said and things they have coming up, will benefit from this, the oscars gets a huge buzz.

If it was not staged: Chris did nothing wrong, he was doing what comedians do and going at people. 

Will was defending his wife’s honor, she has been going through a lot dealing with medical issues.

With no charges being pressed if it was real, I have to say… Chris just got Rocked!

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