T’Challa Faces Bizarre Questions as Wakanda Goes Public


Get ready for a laugh with this “T’Challa Faces Bizarre Questions”  teaser version of the Wakanda skit!  Actor Jimmy C. Jules steps into the shoes of T’Challa, the revered King of Wakanda and the legendary Black Panther. With Wakanda finally stepping into the spotlight, T’Challa finds himself in a hilarious predicament, facing an interviewer armed with the quirkiest questions imaginable.

But here’s the twist – the questions aren’t your typical fare. Instead of discussing Wakanda’s advanced technology or its hidden history, the interviewer throws T’Challa for a loop with some truly bizarre inquiries. From how Wakanda coped when it was cut off from the world to what they did when they needed items they didn’t have, the skit takes a hilariously unexpected turn.

As T’Challa Faces Bizarre Questions, he struggles to maintain his composure in the face of these off-the-wall questions, viewers are treated to a side of the king they’ve never seen before – one that’s equal parts regal and utterly bemused.

Dive into the world of Wakanda and witness T’Challa navigate the pitfalls of public exposure with grace, humor, and a healthy dose of absurdity.

It’s a skit you won’t want to miss!

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