Yes We Cannes Global Film Challenge


A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to work with a group of very talented people. Within 48 hours, shot, edited and submitted our Improvised short thriller to the Yes We Cannes Global Film Challenge 2022.

CLICK HERE TO VOTE NOW and, have a look at what we came up with, VOTE for our group and two other teams in this special year-end 48 Hour Film competition. There is a one time, on demand fee of $ 4:80 to watch all entries in our group. Our film is the third one listed in the group. Your vote will go towards the “audience award”.

The Film is called: PRESENCE
Our Group is: Hot Brick
It is a: Thriller / Suspense

Enjoy the films and only vote for your favorite 3. Audience Voting ends December 17 at midnight Pacific.

Thank you In Advance,
Jimmy C. Jules

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